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  Shijiazhuang Boxin Pump industry manufacturing co., LTD. is from Shijiazhuang Pump industry Group limited liability company restructured into a private company, its predecessor is Shijiazhuang Pump factory.

  In April 1964 the ranks first directly under ministry of machine building factory, renamed the first machinery industry Shijiazhuang Pump factory;

  In January 1972 changed its name to Shijiazhuang Pump factory in Hebei province;

  In April 2000, restructured into Shijiazhuang Pump industry group co., LTD. Group company;

  In October 2010 on the equity, organization, personnel, assets restructuring integration, integration of the new clear ownership structure, management structure capable, asset management, unified and efficient allocation.

   Restructuring integration into the powerful financial support for the company, inspired the vitality company, for the company's long-term development laid a solid foundation.


Looking ahead

  The company will stand on the new starting line, seize the new opportunity, our aim is to build the largest pump base of AH(R)/HH/LKSM/KSH/KSHH/KSL/KSSH slurry pump, G · GH series of gravel pump (shield muddy water circulation system pump), TL series desulfurization pump, WN · WNQ series dredging pump, CS series dredging high pressure water pump, SXK (KDS) series single stage (multi- Pumps, KWP series centrifugal pumps, VXL (ZLT) series of vertical flow pump (axial flow pump), Ritz series of multi-stage submersible pumps, KVR series of zero damage pump. We will constantly adapt to changes in market demand in future development and offer first-class products, first-class service to ours users.


Product and advantage

  Shijiazhuang Boxin pump industry manufacturing co., LTD is one of the country's largest collection of scientific research, design, manufacture in one of the slurry pump, pump, dredge pump, sewage pump and centrifugal pump production base, at the same time production wear-resisting valve, diaphragm coupling, cyclone, control cabinet, mechanical seal, etc. Series of products, annual production capacity of 13000 units (sets), mainly for the metallurgical, mining, power, thermal power, coal, dredging flue gas desulfurization, environmental protection, sewage treatment, urban water supply and drainage engineering shield (mud), the water conservancy project, irrigation, oil chemical industry (reaction kettle cleaning), building materials, transport without damage and other enterprises and institutions to provide various kinds of form a complete set of products with pump system design and installation services and upgrading of the old system design and implementation.

  Company has r&d center and the only an industry-wide service institute, shijiazhuang impurity pump CFD, CAE and other advanced means of design, specializing in the design theory of fluid equipment, pump performance, wear mechanism, wear-resistant materials and new product development of experimental research. Company with the nation's largest testing accuracy has reached the international standard of high and low pressure pump station, detection means complete.

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